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Hands –on KAIZEN


This course is designed to enable continuous improvement culture by developing lean leaders and kaizen experts in your organization. Our Kaizen training courses have been delivered to tens of thousands of people worldwide.  Our trained Kaizen practitioners have resulted in millions of dollars of profit to their organizations.


Course Contents:

  1. Customer Orientation
  2. Total Quality Management (TQM)
  3. Disciplines in Workplace
  4. Total Predictive Maintenance (TPM)
  5. Kanban
  6. Just In Time (JIT)
  7. Zero Defects
  8. Productivity Improvement
  9. Group Activities

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors

Individuals in the organization that seek for more ways to improve a process and exploring problem solving methodologies and implementing lean initiatives.


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