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CMMi Foundation Course *


The course will provide an understanding of how CMMI for Services can help a service organization to improve its processes. You will receive an in-depth knowledge of the CMMI for Services model and a practice level understanding of all included service areas.

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Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to CMMI
  2. Achieving Process Excellence and CMMI for Services
  3. Service Definition, Establishment and Delivery
  4. Monitoring and Controlling of Service and Work Products
  5.  Institutionalizing the Process
  6. Explicit and Measurable Process
  7. Creating a Culture to Sustain Service Excellence
  8. Managing Decisions, Suppliers and Standard Services
  9. Appraisals and Representations
  10. Organizational Culture and Change Mechanisms

Who Should Attend:

  1. Leaders and Executives
  2. Service Delivery Managers
  3. Service providers
  4. Service managers
  5. Process improvement group members
  6. CMMI for Services appraisal team members
  7. Candidate CMMI Instructors
  8. Candidate SCAMPI Lead Appraisers, B&C Team Leaders
  9. Anyone interested in learning about CMMI for Services


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