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Business Analyst Certification Training


This course is a fast paced training for the business analysts preparing the students for all facets of business analysis. The course is divided in to two sections, i.e; Business Analysis Essential Toolkit and Business Analysis certification training.

Course Contents:

Business Analyst toolkit

  1.  Pestle Analysis
  2.  Vulnerability matrix
  3.  EOQ Analysis
  4.  Break even Analysis
  5.  Growth Share matrix
  6.  Force Field Analysis
  7.  SWOT
  8.  Experience Curve
  9.  Market Penetration

 Business Analyst Certification

  1.  BA competencies and Maturity model
  2.  Strategic Analysis (Toolkit)
  3.  BA Process Model (lifecycle)
  4.  Investigation Techniques
  5.  Stakeholder Analysis
  6.  Modeling Business Systems
  7.  Modeling Business Processes
  8.  Requirement Gathering
  9.  Documenting and Managing Requirements
  10.  Modeling Functionality and Data
  11.  Delivering the Requirements
  12.  Implementing Business Change


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