AZS Consultants

The service sector differs from the manufacturing sector in a way that most of the time the product is intangible or is merely performance, ideas and concepts. Also, quality cannot be inspected in and services cannot be saved or inventoried.

For this reason, AZS Consultants have developed process improvement techniques that are adaptive to the unique challenges of the service industry.  These process improvement techniques have helped companies focus on improving their overall throughput, identifying points that are limiting overall performance, and developing strategies that exploit them for significantly improved revenues and profits.

Process improvement in the service industry has an advantage – Labor costs are higher so making their core process more efficient can have a substantial impact. There have been many innovative process improvement techniques developed such as:

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions are facing several intertwined challenges that are critical to the sustainable growth of the industry. Some of these challenges are more visible and easy to address while others are long term and need a large or medium scale of strategic transformation is needed to address these issues.

At AZS, our consultants are prepared to address all types of financial industry challenges and have experience in both long and short term solution. Our trained consultants has helped the banks and financial institutions identify and simplify their non-revenue generating processes and move their focus on the value generating processes. Our BPM team has helped the banks in the area of :


As per one of the Healthcare Stats, an average of 35% of healthcare spending in US goes to non-value added activities. These include administrative complexities, over-treatment, failure of care processes and coordination.

AZS utilizes proven and high-quality improvement approaches to problems in health care. We use operations research and process   improvement techniques in health care through the contributions from clinicians and practitioners working directly in health management. WE focus on the highly ranked challenges of healthcare access, quality of care, consumer engagement, and cost efficiency.

Our areas of expertise include, but not limited to, the development, adaptation and use of methods and techniques to tackle challenges in:

Insurance and Benefits

In this era of high quality sensitive world, many national and international textile industry buyers have imposed quality parameters. Stringent quality and inspection standards are implemented at the manufacturers and exporters end. In order to supply superior quality products to buyers, the processors have to be updated with latest technologies, techniques, machineries and chemicals. Ecological parameters have been introduced for exports of fabrics and garments has led to a whole new set of control points and checks in the processing of fabrics and accessories.Cost pressures, oversupply and fierce competition are threatening the textile and garment industry the world over. The paradigm change from the simple assembling of garments to “full package” services (design, fabric sourcing, trims and logistics) requires additional skills and knowledge and therefore specialized training. Moreover, existing trade barriers are likely to be replaced by demands that producers adhere to quality and environmental norms.

AZS consultants has helped numerous organization in understanding their customers’ needs as well as starting a supportive quality and process improvement culture that enabled them to consistently deliver best in class products and services.