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In today’s economy, organizations want the Management to be selective with the projects they choose, and continue only those that offer the most Return on Investment (ROI). In this situation, it is imperative that the managers and leaders in the organizations are trained for all project management tools and running a program management office for your company.

Our project management trainings directly address your company’s unique needs. We implement one or more of our off-the-shelf courses into just the right program that matches your organization’s specific projects and business objectives. All PM College courses are modular. Each self-contained component can be used independently to expedite the creation of customized content for you. We include client-specific processes, terminology, tools and templates, and case studies to make the courses more applicable to the participants’ actual work environment and the specific projects in hand.

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  • Customized Training for Project Management Professionals
  • Earned Value Management Implementation
  • Information Technology Project Management
  • Project Baseline Studies
  • Analysis of Alternatives
  •  Improvement in missed project deadlines, and overall quality
  • Providing basic project management skills for PMs and New Employees
  • Minimizing project failures due to scope creep and cost over runs
  • Maximizing productivity and responding to competitive pressures
  • Adhering to executive mandates
  •  Business owners and IT executives
  • Managers and engineers
  • Help Desk and Technical Staff
  • Product development
  • Quality and Continuous improvement
  • Inventory control
  • Supply chain and production control
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Customer service


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