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Fertilizers and Cement

Whether it is production and marketing of Nitrogenous and Phosphate Fertilizers, taking challenge in the Green revolution or serving the farmers of the country, fertilizers industry is on top of their performance and setting up a culture of continuous improvement. All over the world, Fertilizers and Cement  industry’s topmost goal is to increase the national agricultural productivity by providing agricultural inputs and services with least consumption and at least cost.

Our process improvement team members identify improvement projects, develop charter, collect data and establish baseline process capability. The team executes the projects by using brainstorming, cause & effect diagrams, graphical and statistical analysis, and conducting Design of Experiments to validate and to optimize the causes. Finally, the team brainstorms and develops solutions and implement improvements with control plan.

The following are some sample projects done in fertilizers industry:

  • Reduce variation of free acid in last crystallizer
  • Reduce exhaust temperature in primary reformer
  • Operations excellence and risk management
  • Improve construction costs and lead time
  • Improve vendors’ payment process
  • Effective handling of effluent
  • Improve steam consumption

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