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Processing industry is fundamentally different from discrete manufacturing industry in the way the material flows. In process industry, the material flows in a continuous stream, while parts move in discrete batches in discrete.

The process industries are those industries where the primary production processes are either continuous, or occur on a batch of materials that is indistinguishable. For example, a food processing company making sauce may make the sauce in a continuous, uninterrupted flow from receipt of ingredients through packaging. Or batches may be produced depending on the cook kettle sizes but immediately combined and re-routed. In either case, there is no concept of a unit of sauce while it is being processed. Examples of the process industries include food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, ceramics, base metals, coal, plastics, rubber, textiles, tobacco, wood and wood products, paper and paper products, etc.

Applying industrial engineering tools in the process industries can vary greatly from applying these same tools in discrete parts manufacturing. The Process Industries Division is a forum for the exchange of ideas in theory and practice of industrial engineering techniques applied to process industries; facilitating greater interactions among industry and academic professionals by organizing.

AZS has picked appropriate concepts and tools and developed customized the techniques specifically for the process industry needs.

Our solutions are tailored for any of the following industry including:

Oil and Chemicals

All time high demands for petroleum and petrochemicals have driven the industry to embrace more efficient means of operations. Producers are under constant pressure to increase production and improve reliability while reducing costs in a safe operation. At the same time, excessive waste, unnecessary redundancy and prolonged turnaround times result in making even the most efficient oil and gas companies failing to meet customer expectations.

While some companies have risen to the challenge, many in the industry are operating the way they always have. The need of the industry is to meet those challenges facing the industry today, not a decade ago. State of the art solutions and high speed digitized solutions for all their operational needs are required. The industry has no choice other than to adopt the new wave in:

AZS Consultants’ proven methodologies has helped the industry to improve operational efficiency of their existing projects and maintenance of assets and infrastructure. Implementation of these methodologies have resulted in enabling efficient exploration and production, streamlining and optimizing operations, and accelerating downstream revenue growth to ensure millions of dollars savings.

Our training programs can develop your in-house Big data analytics experts and data scientists who can lead your internal initiatives.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages industry is continually evolving because of the new global market forces and rapid shifts in conumer behaviour. Changes in world economy, consumer preferences and increasing government regulations are dramatically impacting organizations manufacturing and business strategy. To be successful in this highly competitive marketpalce, you must consistently produce high quality goods at the lowest possible cost.

The increased volume and diversity of the products requires more operational flexibility to make you able to easily add new products to the mix, change recipes on the fly and quickly implement new operational procedures. The key is to maintain your brand quality and product consistency, batch-to-batch and facility-to-facility.

AZS Consultants has helped clients organizations to develop a culture that can sustain gains and leverage improvements for market growth and profitability. AZS has taken the company’s continuous improvement programs to the next level. Our consultatns have worked with food and food-related manufacturers around the world to make rapid progress at their stand-alone and multiple-site facilities.

Some of the challenges that our consultants have helped our clients to resolve, are:

AZS Consultants make cultural changes which provide the foundation for sustainable progress. We start by helping you build your continuous improvement team’s knowledge and skills, including training, exposure to best practice operations, and hands-on coaching. Using a combination of project teams and the kaizen breakthrough methodology, we help clients move their operations forward simultaneously in multiple areas.

Fertilizers and Cement

In this era of high quality sensitive world, many national and international textile industry buyers have imposed quality parameters. Stringent quality and inspection standards are implemented at the manufacturers and exporters end. In order to supply superior quality products to buyers, the processors have to be updated with latest technologies, techniques, machineries and chemicals. Ecological parameters have been introduced for exports of fabrics and garments has led to a whole new set of control points and checks in the processing of fabrics and accessories.Cost pressures, oversupply and fierce competition are threatening the textile and garment industry the world over. The paradigm change from the simple assembling of garments to “full package” services (design, fabric sourcing, trims and logistics) requires additional skills and knowledge and therefore specialized training. Moreover, existing trade barriers are likely to be replaced by demands that producers adhere to quality and environmental norms.

AZS consultants has helped numerous organization in understanding their customers’ needs as well as starting a supportive quality and process improvement culture that enabled them to consistently deliver best in class products and services.