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Monitoring Evaluation and Control


Our MEC courses offer broad instruction on the development and implementation of a robust system in your organization that creates a sense of accountability and result orientation among all stakeholders. Participants can build their knowledge of best practices by first taking an introductory course and then later an advanced agency specific course.

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  • Introduction to MEC
    1. Principles of MEC
    2. Planning MEC for results
    3. Developing customized MEC framework
    4. Capacity Building and involving the stakeholders
    5. Executing MEC plans
    6. Designing and Managing quality evaluations
    7. Control and feedback
  • Advanced MEC
    1. Ensuring sampling and data quality
    2. Consistent gathering (tools and methods)
    3. Evaluation, results and learning
  •  Business owners and IT executives
  • Managers and engineers
  • Help Desk and Technical Staff
  • Product development
  • Quality and Continuous improvement
  • Inventory control
  • Supply chain and production control
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Customer service


The Monitoring and Evaluation introduction course introduces participants to the MEC basic principles, development methodology and framework. This course is the fundamental starting point for all stakeholders whether they are project managers, decision makers, compliance teams, beneficiaries or general public. Participants learn how to build, implement, and what to expect from a successful MEC system for any commercial, government or nonprofit organization. The course consists of seven highly detailed modules. Each module is followed by practical hands-on workshops that cover best practices, case studies, exercises and lessons-learned from real-life examples. Participants will have a chance to develop a complete MEC system for the programs in hand in their organization.

The Advanced MEC course provides more detailed project management tools and techniques to help managers and specialists build, deploy, and sustain a control system in their organization. This course provides advanced data gathering techniques, and goes in depth with cascading a reporting system throughout the project reporting chain, and evaluating the impact of the full project execution.

The combination of these two courses is the ideal and fastest way to train your employees and build, implement, manage and sustain an M&E system in your projects.

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