AZS Consultants

This millennium will certainly belong to the convergence of Information Technology. Organizations have to leverage IT to get the advantage in a highly competitive environment. These new challenges pose several questions to the organization. How to put in place the processes that should be in tune with IT revolution? How to strategize? How to compete with globalization?.

Only the fast-moving organizations that will show their business excellence through optimum utilization of IT will be the ones leading the race. In this constantly changing world of business, AZS consultants serves the IT organizations as a trusted partner who can help assess, plan, and implement the changes needed for the business excellence.

Our consultants have a wide range of expertise in technology, project management, and experience within specialized vertical markets. This allows us to put together a team of the right experts to fit our clients’ individual needs for any special project.

Key Services

Specially for Information Technology Industry

SOA and REST APIs project management and

Full Agile Project Management
and SAFE Agile framework
Implementation Support

IT Framework
and Best Practices

Software Life

IT Infrastructure
Assessment and

Project Management Best Practices
(PM, Agile, XP, Scrum)

Capacity Analysis