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Strategic Transformation Training


Training development and delivery are the key elements to organizational development. At AZS Consultants, we understand that the key to the success of your business is to provide your employees with the strategic opportunities to augment their knowledge and skills. We design and deliver customized training that actively engages participants in the learning process and is focused on content relevant to their business world.

Whether you are in need of preparing your team for the implementation of new business methodology, customized training design for eLearning, or training your leaders and managers for a strategic transformation of your organization to the next level of success, we have the expertise to provide the appropriate learning experience and solution. Examples of our training offerings are as follows:

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  • Information Technology Infrastructure Training (ITIL)
  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

We offer a host of training, mentoring, and webinar programs customized to meet your specific needs.  Some of our course offerings are:

    •  ITIL V3 Foundation Course *
    • CMMi Foundation Course *
    • System Development Life Cycle
    • Hands on Agile Implementation (Customized)
    • ITIL Implementation Support
    • IT Project Management
    • Big Data Virtualization and Cloud Services **
      • Hadoop
      • Eclipse
    • Data Integration and Custom Reporting**
    • Customer Relationship Management Service
    • Business Analyst Certification Training

All above Information Technology courses directly address your company’s unique needs. We implement one or more of our off-the-shelf courses into just the right program that matches your organization’s specific business objectives. We include client-specific processes, terminology, tools and templates, and case studies to make the courses more applicable to the participants’ actual work environment and the specific projects in hand.


  •  * ITIL and CMMi courses will be customized completely to your process and organization need in order to take you to the journey of real implementation.
  • ** Big data visualization and data integration courses are designed to study your current data management system and architecture and then conducting an Analysis of Alternatives (AOA) and Operational Capability Assessment (OCA) for the implementation of the new and improved technology.
  •  Business owners and IT executives
  • Managers and engineers
  • Help Desk and Technical Staff
  • Product development
  • Quality and Continuous improvement
  • Inventory control
  • Supply chain and production control
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Customer service


We offer a host of training, mentoring, and webinar programs customized to meet your specific needs.  Most of our course offerings fall into following three categories:

Management BriefingsProduct TrainingCertification Training
IT Project ManagementBig Data AnalyticsHadoop and Virtual Box
Introduction to ITILCloud ComputingEclipse
CMMI Executive BriefingData WarehousingMicrosoft SharePoint
CMMI Process Area TrainingDatabasesSQL Server
Compliance in ITSPSS and SASOracle Database

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