AZS Consultants

Healthcare and Medical Devices

The complexities and the need for highly integrated health care systems between healthcare facilities and external supporting organizations, dependence on professional practice guidelines, and a highly sensitive culture require a specialized approach to analysis and modeling of new solutions.

AZS utilizes proven and high-quality approaches to solutions development in health care. We use operations research and process improvement techniques through contributions from clinicians and practitioners working directly in health management. We focus on the highly ranked challenges of healthcare access, quality of care, consumer engagement, and cost-efficiency.

Our areas of expertise include, but not limited to, the development, adaptation, and use of methods and techniques to tackle challenges in:

  • Healthcare Innovations Research and Analysis
    • Market Research & Modeling
    • Requirements Elicitation and Validation
    • User Journey Mapping
    • Product Design and Development Support
    • Verification, Validation, and Deployment 
    • Digital Personalized Healthcare
      • Preventive and Predictive Analytic
      • Business Intelligence
    • Product Evaluation in Intended Market