AZS Consultants

Government agencies are in a great need for adopting strategic improvement in their overall processes and procedures. As a result of financial crisis, governments are required to make adjustments to their constitutional, legal and regulatory framework. There is a need to ensure both clear formulation of laws and regulations, as well as capacities to monitor their application and ensure compliance. Government and NGOs There is a need to lay out clear structures, roles and responsibilities and a clear system that clarify the distinction between strategic and operational functions. The new responsibilities are likely to require training of staff and overhauling the whole capacity building and performance incentives system of the government employees.  

AZS has developed robust models that are flexible enough to be customized to the need of the agency. Government and NGOs Our consultants and functional analysts have helped several government agencies to layout their functional and strategic responsibilities. Our solutions empower the government departments to effectively and efficiently implement and monitor their compliance needs.

We believe that through extensive experience of our consultants, AZS will be able to help our new clients to implement effective systems to ensure the alignment and achievement of the strategic goals in any form of organizational structure.

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