AZS Consultants

Automotive Manufacturing

At AZS, we have experienced consultants who were a part of the industry change that Automotive Manufacturing brings through new technology trends and discoveries made in the field of product development and engineering. Our consultants served as key players in the helping automotive industry achieve their objective of seamlessly adapting to their customer requirements in terms of technology and design.

Our consultants possess a high level of sector expertise, comprehensive know-how in methodology and a proven track record in innovative IT solutions. For companies in the automobile industry, our consultancy services focus on:

  • Strategic business transformation
  • Operations excellence
  • Lean enterprise transformation
  • Inventory optimization/net working capital optimization
  • Automotive industry best practices implementation
  • New product and process development

Contact us to know how AZS has helped automotive manufacturers (OEM), suppliers and after-market service providers achieve highest level of improvement.

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