Training Programs

Training development and delivery are the key elements to organizational development. At AZS Consultants, we understand that the key to the success of your business is to provide your employees with the strategic opportunities to augment their knowledge and skills. We design and deliver customized training that actively engages participants in the learning process and is focused on content relevant to their business world.

Whether you are in need of preparing your team for the implementation of new business methodology, customized training design for eLearning, or training your leaders and managers for a strategic transformation of your organization to the next level of success, we have the expertise to provide the appropriate learning experience and solution. Examples of our training offerings are as follows:

  • Curriculum and Design Support
  • Leadership Development Trainings and Briefings
    • Regulations, Compliance and IT
    • Program/Project Management Training
    • Process Improvement Training
  • Instructor or e-learning Development Support

Training evaluation and results

The concluding part of our training program is the evaluation and analysis of the results. Our evaluation of the training program informs you whether the training program has been able to deliver the goals and objectives in terms of cost incurred and benefits achieved. The analysis of data is summarized and then compared with the data of other training program similar nature. The results of training data analysis provide you an ROI for your training program. Out training evaluation strategy is based on many variables and evaluation procedures differ between programs based on training objectives. We use info from demographic, program, and tests and non-test effectiveness to measure the quality of training efforts. We leverage our strengths in selection of critical variables and the use of data collection and analysis activities in order to maximize the training effectiveness. In general, the evaluation follows Kirpatrick’s four level model containing reaction, learning, behavior, and results.

Our specialized training programs included but not limited to the following:

  • Strategic Transformation
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Control
  • Operations Excellence and BPR
  • Program Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Information Technology

For a copy of our training portfolio, please contact us.

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