Monitoring, Evaluation and Control

Our Monitoring, Evaluation and Control (MEC) services provide you the assessment of your Process Improvement-xxorganization, programs, and projects on the basis of impact analysis and expected results. We give direct and immediate answers to the question that are most important for all stakeholders to understand before the project start. The following activities are involved in any of our typical MEC project:

  • Strategic Project definition
  • Quality and Performance Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Time Driven Activity Base Costing
  • SWOT Analysis

Our MEC consultants will work closely with your program teams to ensure the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) formulation and design customized monitoring and evaluation tools for you. Our MEC systems and stakeholders training develop an impact centered evaluation culture within the organization and program stakeholders. This enables the institutional leader and managers to design impact oriented programs and projects.
Monitoring reports of our MEC system are based on earned value Management (EVM) and are done by comparing the project achievements against expected results, timelines and costs. The project MEC system helps answer the following basic questions about your program at any step in the process:

  • Are the project activities happening as expected?
  • Are the project activities being performed as planned?
  • Are all project stakeholders working effectively?
  • Is the project value being created as planned?
  • Is the project satisfying the bigger intent of the program?
  • Are the project stakeholders and beneficiaries satisfied with its impact at any point in project lifecycle?
  • Are there any modifications needed in the plan?
  • Are we implementing the lessons learned from the program?

The results reporting framework allows the leaders creating a results chain for every step and product including project deliverables, outcomes and project impacts. Each outcome is tied to program organizational structure where specific positions are considered accountable for producing expected results and creating value.

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