As per one of the Healthcare Stats, an average of 35% of healthcare spending in US goes to non-value added activities. These include administrative complexities, over-treatment, failure of care processes and coordination.

AZS utilizes proven and high-quality improvement approaches to problems in health care. We use operations research and process   improvement techniques in health care through the contributions from clinicians and practitioners working directly in health management. WE focus on the highly ranked challenges of healthcare access, quality of care, consumer engagement, and cost efficiency.

Our areas of expertise include, but not limited to, the development, adaptation and use of methods and techniques to tackle challenges in:

  • Health Data Management
    • EDI Interchange Services
    • Claims Processing Services
    • Encounter Management
    • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Digital Personalized Healthcare
    • Preventive and Predictive Analytic
    • Business Intelligence
  • Clinical management
    • Medical Imaging
    • 3D Image Processing

Please read our white paper on “Process Improvement in Healthcare Industry Using integrated Malcolm Baldrige, Six Sigma, BSC and Lean tools.”

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