EDI Services

AZS is a leading EDI service provider. Our services help companiesEDI Pic to connect with their trading partners easily, and help streamline their EDI investments. AZS provides solutions that guarantee high level efficiency, reliability, and reach to electronic supply chain while reducing cost, infrastructure spending and overhead maintenance.

Whether you are facing challenges related to your EDI applications, or your EDI spending is having a direct impact on your profits because of continuous changing business environment and technologies, AZS has solutions to your problems. We provide high quality of service, make you able to trade with entire business community, meet compliance requirements, open your technology options within your capabilities, meet your trading partners’ needs, and provide full implementation support.

Our solutions are backed by highly efficient collaboration network that enables secure, reliable and efficient communication with trading partners around the globe regardless of their technology. Our cloud solutions are also good for companies to trade with non-EDI companies.  We provide services tailored to fit your budget, technical capabilities, and your trading partner requirements. We take complete care of your EDI services so that you can focus on your core business.

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss the possibilities of transforming your organization to next heights in EDI management.

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